MCQMC 2016, Stanford
12th International Conference on Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo
  Methods in Scientific Computing. Stanford, California, August 14-19, 2016
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Know your point sets contest

The program cover includes a figure with eight different MCQMC point sets. We had a competition to name those point sets.

Honorable mention goes to Alex Keller (NVIDIA), Aretha Teckentrup (Warwick), and Pieterjan Robbe (KU Leuven) for identifying a significant number of those point sets.

There was a tie for top spot between Adrian Ebert (KU Leuven) and a three person team consisting of Alex Keller (NVIDIA), Peter Kritzer (Radon Institute) and Gunther Leobacher (Linz). To break the tie, Adrian Ebert was awarded the top prize because his was a solo entry. The prize was a CD of music by JoJo Styles who played at our Monday reception and left some CDs for us. That turns out to be much better than the MCQMC 2016 Staff T-shirts we might otherwise have had to award.

Adrian also received an internet-generated certificate bearing a gold medal image on which was superimposed a royalty-free image of Euphorbia pulcherrima, the official flower of MCQMC.

Additional prizes

We had a bonus question on how best to illustrate MCMC. Honorable mention for serious consideration of the problem goes to: Alex Terenin (UC Santa Cruz), Aretha Teckentrup (Warwick), Christian Robert (Paris-Dauphine) and Alex Keller (NVIDIA). The prize (another CD) goes to Pieterjan Robbe (KU Leuven), for a very funny and beautifully illustrated solution, truly outside the box, that he has kindly permitted us to post.

One could reasonably claim that the upper left image illustrates MCMC as it is usually done, while perhaps some of the other 7 images might offer an advantage.

There was one more CD to award and it went to Christian Robert (Paris-Dauphine) because his contribution was too funny to withhold from the conference. We thank him for his permission to post it here.

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Stanford images: Hoover tower, Li Ka Shing center, the dish