MCQMC 2016, Stanford
12th International Conference on Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo
  Methods in Scientific Computing. Stanford, California, August 14-19, 2016
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Tutorial slides (in order of presentation)

Pierre L'Ecuyer Introduction to (randomized) quasi-Monte Carlo
Fred Hickernell Error Analysis for Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods
Frances Kuo Application of QMC to PDEs with random coefficients

Plenary speaker slides (alphabetical)

Christoph Aistleitner 100 Years of Uniform Distribution Theory: Hermann Weyl's Seminal Paper of 1916
Jose Blanchet Monte Carlo methods for spatial extremes
Nicolas Chopin Sequential QMC: extensions and new applications (up to infinite dimension)
Arnaud Doucet Pseudo-marginal MCMC methods for inference in latent variable models
Peter Frazier Bayesian Optimization in the Tech Sector: Experienes at Uber, Yelp, SigOpt
Michael Jordan A Variational Perspective on Accelerated Methods in Optimization
Frances Kuo Hot new directions for QMC research in step with applications
Christiane Lemieux Dependence sampling and quasi-random numbers
Dirk Nuyens Lattice rules and beyond | Matlab
Andrew Stuart Hierarchical Bayesian Inversion

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Stanford images: Hoover tower, Li Ka Shing center, the dish